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We had a sky lite in our master bedroom that started leaking and an enclosed back porch with several leaks. We have had 3 so called roofing experts repair the leaks and after the next rain the leaks were still there, sometimes in new places. After these roofers got paid, getting them to come back was impossible. This was very frustrating and was causing severe damage to our home. I ask Orlando Roofing Center if they could help. They sent a crew right away and the job was completed in one day. The skylight doesn't leak anymore and the back porch area is usable again. I would not hesitate to recommend Orlando Roofing Center to anyone. I will always call this company for all my roofing needs.

Jim and Joy Atteberry, Orlando, FL

We have always heard of Orlando Roofing Center's great reputation. We decided to give them a try, and boy was I glad that we did! I have never had to worry about the structural integrity of our premises since!

- Ted Smith

I thought that our building would be too large for a reasonable priced roofing company. Orlando Roofing Center proved me wrong. Our building looks amazing. Thanks Orlando Roofing Center!

- Mel Barnes, President

When we moved into our new home, we learned that we needed a new roof. The last thing we needed was the cost involved in building a new roof. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy and affordable Orlando Roofing Center made it! They even hauled all of their debris! We are glad we found Orlando Roofing Center!

- Mary and Bill Public